Terms and conditions of Cow-E

Article 1: General

  1. The driver of Cow-E (Renault-Twizy) must be 18 years old and has at least a driving license.
  2. The driver does not take any medicines that affect the driving ability. The driver also has no sensory and / or physical and / or mental disabilities that affect driving skills. The driver must report any comments in advance.
  3. If the Cow-E is returned later than the agreed time, Cow-E has the right to charge for the extra time.
  4. The tour participant and / or renter has received the Renault-Twizy in good condition from Cow-E. The tour participant, renter is personally liable for any damage during the rental and / or lease period of the entire vehicle and goods. The tour participant, tenant, is also responsible for own goods.
  5. 5 Cow-E is not responsible for road works / traffic obstacles that take place in the route. The tour participant /renter is responsible for driving the correct detour to continue the tour.

Cancellations: We require a written cancellation notice by email 14 days prior to the scheduled arrival date.

Article 2: Payment

  1. Payment must be made directly at Cow-E online via the booking system when a reservation is made and before the renter is allowed to drive the vehicle.
  2. In case of late payment, Cow-E is entitled to charge interest to the tenant.
  3. Group bookings on invoice must pay the invoice within 10 days.

Article 3: Reservations / agreement

  1. By making a reservation, the tenant undertakes to pay the full rental agreement / terms and conditions.
  2. The person who enters into the agreement on behalf of or for the benefit of a group is jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from this agreement.
  3. Cow-E is authorized to cancel a reservation at all times.
  4. The Renault-Twizy is rented by a tenant for 3 hours. The tenant is responsible for returning to the landlord’s premises within 3 hours. Cow-E needs time to recharge for the next tenant, which is why we work with a time schedule.
  5. Cow-E / lessor may at all times charge costs for returning the Cow-E too late.
  6. Cow-E is divided into time blocks, if the renter / tour participant is late on arrival, the renter must still be back at the Cow-E office at the end of the time block.

Article 4: Cancellations

Cancellations: We require a written cancellation notice by email 14 days prior to the scheduled arrival date.

  1. If a reservation is canceled or changed, the following costs will be charged per reservation, unless otherwise agreed: a) in case of cancellation more than 14 days before the start of the tour date, the total amount of the reservation will be refunded; b) In case of cancellation less than 14 days before the start of the tour date, the reservation amount will not be refunded.
  2. If a reservation is canceled less than 14 days before the start of the tour date, Cow-E may offer you a transferable voucher code with no end date for the reservation amount. The new reservation can then be made by email.
  3. Only with code orange the tour will be canceled. In other weather conditions the reservation / tour will continue. Cow-E is authorized to cancel the tour at any time due to weather conditions.

Article 5: Rules of conduct / use

  1. Each is introduced with a brief explanation of Cow-E and how the vehicle works. The tour participant and / or renter and / or renter and / or buyer is responsible for this.
  2. Tour participants and / or renter must adhere to the traffic rules and local regulations. Any traffic and / or parking fine (s) are at the expense of the tour participant and / or renter.
  3. Cow-E is at all times entitled to take possession of the Cow-E made available during the tour and / or lease and / or rental period in case of abuse or intoxication.

Article 6: Deposit / damage / own risk / Liability / Fines

  1. The tenant must pay a deposit of € 150 per rented Cow-E. This deposit must be received by Cow-E before the start of a tour, rental or lease period. In the event that this fails, Cow-E has the right to declare the rental agreement invalid. If the tenant cannot pay the deposit, article 4.1 b.
  2. if the renter / tour participant drives outside the route on their own, causing the battery to run down, Cow-E may at all times withhold the deposit, because Cow-E has to call in extra people to collect the cars.
  3. The tenant always has an excess of € 500 in case of damage. The tenant must report any damage, of whatever nature, all information and / or circumstances, to Cow-E as soon as possible. The tenant then follows Cow-E’s instructions. Cow-E has the right to recover damage to the rented property. This is possible by deducting the deposit. If (uninsured) damage is higher than the deposit, this amount will be charged to the tenant.
  4. In the event of loss or theft, the full purchase price of the vehicle must be paid to Cow-E. The amount of the prize is determined by the current value of the vehicle and associated items.
  5. The Cow-E renter will handle the vehicle and all accessories with care and will use Cow-E as intended.
  6. Leasing and renting a Cow-E is done at the customer’s own risk after a tour. The tenant’s own risk is set at € 500. Cow-E is not liable for any damage caused to the tenant or third parties. The tenant is and remains fully liable for any damage and / or injury to third parties during the entire rental period.
  7. The tenant therefore uses Cow-E at his own expense / risk and at the expense of the tenant of Cow-E. Damage also includes secondary damage.
  8. Fines that arise by the tenant during the lease of Cow-E can be recovered by the landlord afterwards. This is therefore signed in the lease. Administration costs are also charged by the landlord for this.
  9. The tour participant and / or renter and / or renter and / or buyer are responsible for their own belongings at all times. Cow-E cannot be held liable for this.

Article 7: Location and change of conditions

  1. The Chamber of Commerce number 23006604.
  2. The most recently registered version of the agreement with Cow-E applies. Dutch law is applicable to these conditions.

Questions? Please contact us at info@cow-e.com

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